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Fraud compromises the integrity of the organic sector.

Suspected fraudulent organic product claims

If you suspect that a product is being misrepresented as “organic”, please file a complaint. 

Under the federal Food and Drugs Act and the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has authority to investigate complaints of misrepresentation. You can file a complaint with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency HERE

In Atlantic Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia also have provincial regulations restricting the use of “organic” to certified organic products. 

In New Brunswick, regulation is through the Organic Grade Regulation in the Natural Products Act and is enforced through the NB Farm Products Commission, NB Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries. Contact info.

In Nova Scotia, regulation is through the Organic Grade Regulation in the NS Agriculture and Marketing Act. Complaints can be sent to the Manager of Regional Programming, Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture. Email:

Complaints against an organic operator or an organic certification body

Complaints regarding a certification body (CB) or an operator certified by an accredited CB should initially be directed to the relevant CB.

If the complaint is not satisfactorily handled by the CB, or referral to the CB is inappropriate, complaints should be directed to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.