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Funding Assistance

Funding specific to organic agriculture is limited but it's worth exploring options.

Federal and provincial funding through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) and Resilient Agriculture Landscape Program (RALP) began in spring of 2023. Although there are very few organic-specfic programs, organic farmers can apply through general production and marketing support programs.

Funding Specific to Organic Agriculture 

Canadian Organic Trade Association (COTA)
COTA’s Organic Transition Program is for farmers in their first, second or third year of pre-certification or for farmers already certified organic who are increasing their organic acreage. This program reimburses paid certification costs up to $1000 maximum. 

PEI Certified Organic Producers Cooperative
The Organic Certification Rebate Program is available to members of the PEI Certified Organic Producers Cooperative. Contact PEI COPC for more information.

Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Land
The Organic Industry Development Program is designed to support the organic agriculture sector in Prince Edward Island by providing strategic assistance with projects which will increase competitiveness, productivity and profitability of the sector.

New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
Market Access Certification: Support for organic certification costs in the pre-certification year or first year of organic certification. NB SCAP Market Development and Access program or contact Claude Bertheleme, NB DAAF (

Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture
Organic Certification Rebate Program: Provides a maximum of $750 at an assistance level of 50%. 

Additional Resources

AAFC On Farm Climate Action Fund: Helping farmers improve cover cropping, rotational grazing and nitrogen management. Connect with an organization near you to find out more.

Provincial programs supporting agricultural production and marketing:

Federal programs (AAFC) Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) (2023-2028)

  • AgriAssurance, AgriCompetitiveness, AgriDiversity, AgriInnovate, AgriMarketing and AgriScience