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AAFC Report: Consultation on Sustainable Agriculture Strategy

Beginning in December of 2022 and continuing all through 2023, this nationwide effort administered by AAFC worked with over 500 producers, Indigenous partners, provincial and regional governments, and the Sustainable Agriculture Strategy (SAS) Committee. The discussions highlighted five main areas of importance: climate change mitigation, climate adaptation, resilience, biodiversity, water accessibility/quality, and soil health. A summary of the consultations is now available HERE

Eventhough organic principles and practices are aligned with the SAS objectives, the term "organic" was only specifically mentioned twice:

  • In relation to soil health

“Others noted the absolute importance of improving soil health across Canada, especially in Eastern regions. Several suggestions were put forth to improve Canada’s current soil health, including adopting regenerative farming practices, increasing carbon sequestration, reducing chemical inputs by opting for organic alternatives, and increasing soil cover throughout the year. “


  • In relation to Indigenous practices

“First Nations participants indicated that many First Nation producers are small to medium scale operations, favouring organic and natural processes that do not use conventional agricultural inputs.”