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Manitoba Organic Alliance Hosts New Organic Grain Hub

The new Organic Grain Hub is the market intelligence center for the Canadian organic grain industry. Consisting of the Organic Price Discovery Tool and the International Organic Grain Directory, the hub bridges the communication lag between organic grain producers and industry trends. 

The Organic Grain Hub houses two indispensable tools:

�� The Organic Price Discovery Tool: Updated twice monthly, the tool tracks spot prices for organic grains, pulses, and oilseeds. Verified prices are collected from Canadian organic farmers and are updated on a bi-monthly basis for up-to-date information.

�� The Organic Grain Directory: With 300+ buyers already currently listed, explore a diverse array of local and international companies actively seeking organic grains from Canadian farmers. With filtering options by location and grain type, finding new trade partners has never been more efficient.

And the Hub newsletter offers key market insights straight to your inbox.

The Hub is an initiative of the Manitoba Organic Alliance in partnership with other provincial organic associations.