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ONS Seeking Organic Producers and Processors Interested in Institutional Procurement

Organic Nova Scotia (ONS) is a registered not-for-profit organization started in 2019 by local certified organic producers and processors. This organization represents and promotes the organic sector in the province, and aims to increase organic growing capacity while building a resilient and collaborative network. ONS has secured funding from the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture to implement an Institutional Procurement Pilot Project (IPP), set to launch in September 2023. The IPP is a pilot program intended to increase awareness and procurement of local organic food by post-secondary institutions in Nova Scotia, and facilitate relationships between these institutions and the organic food sector. This project will be initially executed at Acadia University, with the potential of on-boarding additional post-secondary institutions. 

ONS is asking organic producers and processors in Atlantic Canada to respond to this survey in order to assess the interest and capacity for participation in the IPP. The ultimate goal of this project is to examine the potential of institutional procurement in becoming a steady and reliable market for local producers and processors, but in order to do so we also need the support and participation of farmers and processors. If you are interested in participating in this pilot project, or would like more information, please fill out the following survey:

Your responses will greatly aid in shaping this project to meet both the needs of organic producers/processors, and post-secondary institutions! Please respond by July 31st, 2023.

Our official website and social media will be released shortly. If you have any questions or prefer to speak directly with a member of the ONS board, please do not hesitate to get in touch with in the meantime.
We appreciate you taking time during this very busy point in the season to show your interest and support! If you are not a certified organic producer/processor but would like to know more about this project, we encourage you to submit a response as well.