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2023 Gerrit Loo Memorial Achievement Award Nominations

ACORN is pleased to announce that after a four and a half-year hiatus, the Gerrit Loo Memorial Achievement Award will once again be presented to a deserving recipient and we are seeking nominations!

Beginning in 2001, the award was presented at ACORN’s annual conference to an outstanding organic advocate and/or farmer who had contributed significantly to the organic industry in Atlantic Canada. We will resume this tradition at the next ACORN Conference planned for February 2023.

The award was established in memory of Gerrit Loo, who was an organic pioneer on PEI, certifying his farm in the mid-90s. For years before going fully organic, he experimented with potatoes with his twin brother, seeking and eventually finding and registering a cultivar, Island Sunshine, that is highly resistant to the prevalent late blight strain of that time. His aim was to discover a potato that would be well-suited for organic production. For several years, he was a member of Seaspray Organic Co-op and was involved in founding and naming ACORN.

Who inspires you with their passion and innovation for organics? Nominate them HERE. (Note, you must be an ACORN member in good standing to make a nomination.)