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Bauta Report: Building Climate-Resilient Seed Systems in Canada

Read the May 16th Bauta report that celebrates the diversity of organic and ecological seed across Canada, and the farmers and seed growers who make it possible.

For the 2021, 2022, and 2023 growing seasons, the Bauta Initiative received funding from AAFC to support the implementation of seed demonstration sites across Canada. These sites showcased and evaluated varieties of vegetables and field crops being preserved, adapted, or bred by organic and ecological farmers in Canada. This report titled, "Building Climate-Resilient Seed Systems in Canada" highlights the work of that project.

The report also features the incredible successes of farmer-led crop adaptation, farmer-led plant breeding, and participatory plant breeding supported through the Bauta Initiative. Through sharing these successes, we make the case for why public funding for organic/ecological, farmer-led seed conservation and plant breeding programs is required in order to build climate resilience in Canadian agriculture.

Read full report here: