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Liquid Fish Hydrolysate fertilizer plant in Newfoundland

August 06, 2021  |  For Sale

Delighted to announce our new liquid fish plant in Portugal Cove-St Phillips has filed its Environmental Registration document and is preparing to accept bookings for pails, 1000 litre totes, ltl and truckload. Some totes available now for delivery in time for fall applications for hay. Contact us with questions, pricing and samples for commercial farmers. NLMO is located at Windy Heights Farm in 374 Bauline Line Extension, Portugal Cove Newfoundland.

Phone 709-690-9886


June 18, 2021  |  For Sale

Kelp Meal is a well known soil amendment, and feed additive for all livestock. Providing a balanced supply of micronutrients to plants, and a complete source of trace minerals to livestock. Helping to keep both plants and livestock in a healthy state. Available in 1,100 tote bags at $850.00 plus freight. The texture is in a powdered form. Place your order today while supplies last at this price, for immediate use or for next season. e-mail- or 1-800-393-5357

Phone 9028658961

Greenhouses and Greenhouse Supplies

January 18, 2021  |  For Sale

Hello: I am Jackie MacDonald, I am the Atlantic Canada Distributor for Harnois Greenhouses. Email me if you are looking for a quote for Greenhouses, Parts, and Greenhouse poly, we sell 7.2 ml poly which is more durable.  As a member of ACORN, we're happy to also be participants in the organization's Membership Supplier Discount Program, offering 5% off poly and greenhouse structures. Note:  we supply 7.2 ml poly.  

Phone 902-968-1082