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Resource Categories
  • Bees & Pollination

    Resources include basic overview of pollination and beekeeping, with information about common pollinators and creating pollinator-friendly farms.

  • Business & Marketing

    Your one-stop-shop for organic farm business management, including tips on marketing, direct sales, community supported agriculture, working with restaurants and retailers, wholesale tips, and an updated list of grants available to farmers in the Atlantic region.

  • Certification

    This category is vast, with resources addressing the transition process (including The Organic Path: How to go Organic in Atlantic Canada), record-keeping, the benefits of certification as well as Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Complementary Agriculture

    Permaculture and Biodynamic methods are two examples of agriculture methods complementary to organic production.

  • Français

    Ressources disponsibles en francais sont: Vollailes; Rotations; Fromage; Fourrages Bio; Certification; Guide d'utilisaion des culture-abris aux Maritimes; benifices de certification; Selection d’un site; Semences Bio; Cultures Abris; Fertilisation d’établissement; Guide ASC;

  • Fruit & Berry

    Production information about blueberries, currants, strawberries, haskap, bramble berries, grapes, tree fruit and orchards, stone fruit and so much more!

  • Getting Started With Organic Farming

    New to farming, not sure where to start? This category has resources intended for you, including considerations for purchasing or leasing land, resources to help you make the right choices for your future farming career, and introductory guides to organic farming basics.

  • Grain & Field Crops

    organic production information, including weed management, fertility management, cover cropping and crop rotation, seeding rates, variety trials and so much more!

  • Horticulture

    Looking for production information on a specific vegetable crop? Vegetables, flowers, market gardening techniques, mushrooms, shrubs, trees, windbreaks, herbs and more converge under this category.

  • Infrastructure & Equipment

    Tips, tricks and tools for setting up farm infrastructure and buying farm equipment.

  • Livestock

    What you need to know about raising organic animals including poultry, sheep, cattle, swine, goats, and dairy animals, including resources on grass-fed, pasture management, growing your own feed and more.

  • Pests, Disease & Weeds

    This section includes an extensive resources, including ACORN’s 2012 & 2013 Organic Inputs Directory.

  • Season Extension

    There are many methods of extending the growing season, including storage, root cellaring, hoophouses, greenhouses, row covers, and more!

  • Seed

    Growing for seed, learning to save seed and storing and marketing seed are all topics a good farmer should know––from vegetable to grain, check out these seed saving resources for your farm.

  • Soil & Compost

    Soil, the foundation of organic agriculture, is also about what you plant, as a result, this section includes information about soil biology, fertility, soil tests as well as cover crops, crop rotations and creating rich compost, compost teas and more!

  • Urban Farming & Gardening

    Just because you don’t live in the country, doesn’t mean you can farm!

  • Value-Added

    There are many ways to “add value” to your farm products that increase your farm product diversity and income. These resources cover ideas, “how-to” and more related to value added production for farm operations.