An ACORN Event

Quality Biennial Seed Production with John Navazio 2

Date(s) Tuesday August 15, 2017

Cochrane Family Farm, Upper Stewiacke, NS

Quality Biennial Seed Production with John Navazio 2

Biennial seed crops are challenging to produce even in ideal climates. Here in the maritimes the challenges compound! Please join ACORN and John Navazio for a 1-day intensive workshop to explore the principles and practices of quality biennial seed crop production. This workshop will be best suited for seed producers who already have a few seasons of seed saving under their belt, and who've at least experimented with biennials before. This field-based, interactive workshop will be located on-farm, exploring a wide range of topics using the crops that are growing on-site such as radish, onion, and kale. Growing different biennial crops? Please come prepared with questions and/or pictures for John, whose experience also includes crops such as carrots, beets, and many more.

We’ll learn about:
— isolation distance and population size for maintaining varietal integrity,
— When and how to observe, select, and rogue in the field (and in the root cellar!) for best quality
— Special considerations for cold, short, or maritime climates
— Seed borne diseases
— Stock seed considerations

This workshop will go ahead rain or shine. Please bring: adequate clothing/shoes for roughing it on the farm, and a folding chair. Please register online.

Dr. John Navazio is the Manager of the Plant Breeding Program at Johnny's Selected Seeds. An expert plant breeder, agroecologist, and author, John has made his career training farmers and students in organic seed production practices and the techniques used in on-farm plant breeding. His own breeding work has resulted in a number of new vegetable varieties with improved quality and flavour, as well as a greater ability to compete with weeds and resist disease, cold temperatures, drought, and other challenges common to organic farming systems. He works closely with farmers across North America to develop crop varieties for regional seed independence through participatory plant breeding projects.