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March is Membership Month!

Date(s) March 2017
March is Membership Month!

March is Membership month! ACORN is a member-based organization, and we need your support and involvement in order to continue the work we do. It's easy to help out, and there are lots of benefits! ACORN members get free access to webinars, discounts on workshops and events, free access to our classifieds and to our newsletter, and much more! To help encourage membership renewal and registration this month, we're also offering a contest. If you:

a) renew your ACORN Membership

b) become a new ACORN member

c) refer a friend to become an ACORN member


d) donate 25$ or more

we'll enter you into a draw for some great prizes, including

Interested? Become an ACORN member or renew your membership now, and you'll be automatically entered in our draw! If your membership is up to date, you can still participate! Encourage someone you know to become an ACORN member, or simply donate below to support the work we do - every little bit helps!