An ACORN Event

ACORN needs to hear from you!

Date(s) Deadline: April 30, 2018
ACORN needs to hear from you!

ACORN needs to hear from you!

Back at the 2017 ACORN Conference, we asked participants if they'd be willing to participate in a market survey to help ACORN identify sponsors to support our work. The majority of you said yes, so here is the survey!

Sponsorship for all our events, including the conference, is key to making them possible and keeping them affordable for participants.

Your participation in this survey will allow ACORN to:
1) Better qualify our audience in order to attract the right sponsors
2) Identify possible new sponsors
3) Hear from our network what type of sponsorship you would like to see ACORN pursuing

The survey should only take approximately 10 minutes. We know spring has sprung, so we are all the more grateful for you taking the time to complete the survey and support our sponsorship program development!

**Deadline: April 30th**