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Organic Consumer Survey

Organic Consumer Survey

  • Survey closes: December 16

ACORN is embarking on the first-ever comprehensive consumer study on organics in the Maritimes.  

The data we collect will not only help existing and new farms and processors in growing the local organic supply to best meet the demand, but also provide a baseline insight to Maritime consumers’ understanding of organics. 

So if you are not a farmer/processor yourself, please take 5-10 minutes of your time to let us know about your grocery shopping preferences and priorities, your understanding of various food labels, and your interest (or disinterest) in local organic products. We value all opinions and insights! 

Click here to complete the survey 

Survey closes: December 16th

Sondage auprès des consommateurs biologiques

Sondage auprès des consommateurs biologiques

  • Le sondage se termine : 16 décembre

ACORN s'embarque dans sa toute première étude complète auprès des consommateurs au sujet du biologique aux Maritimes. Les données que nous recueillons vont non seulement aider les fermes existantes, les nouvelles fermes et les transformateurs à faire croitre l'approvisionnement biologique local afin de mieux répondre à la demande, mais elles vont également fournir une perspective de base sur la compréhension des consommateurs des Maritimes à propos des aliments biologiques. 

Alors, si vous n'êtes pas un fermier/un transformateur vous-même, veuillez prendre de 5 à 10 minutes de votre temps pour nous informer sur vos préférences et vos priorités en matière d'achats d'épiceries, de votre compréhension de différentes étiquettes alimentaires, ainsi que sur votre intérêt (ou désintérêt) pour les produits biologiques locaux. Votre avis et vos opinions sont précieux ! 

Cliquez ici pour compléter le sondage 

Fin du sondage : le 16 décembre 

Organic Ambassador Online Training

Organic Ambassador Online Training

  • September 19, 21, 26 & 28 7:30-8:30pm Atlantic
  • Webinar

The vision for the Organic Ambassador program is to build a network of volunteers and advocates across Atlantic Canada - a group of passionate consumers, equipped with training and tools, acting as allies for organic farmers by championing organics in their communities.

Being a part of the Organic Ambassador program will provide you with the information, skills and support to:

*Dispel organic food myths and increase consumer clarity about what organic really means
*Promote organic options in your community
*Help raise awareness of ACORN and local organic agriculture
*Empower others by sharing a greater understanding of important food and farming issues

Learn more about this online training program and get informed and inspired to be an Organic Ambassador in your own community!

Bear River Farms Annual Biodynamic Workshop

  • October 1st
  • Deep Brook, NS
  • website

Over the past ten years Bear River Farms has developed a full diversified farm organism using biodynamic practices with clear results. This workshop is an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with those who want to learn more about the forces that work beyond the plant growth and how they can be encouraged or, if necessary, reduced.

Our workshops starts with a theoretical part and change into "Hands On" activities after lunch. The workshop takes place rain or shine and is suited for newcomers and for advanced farmers. Please note that the spring edition covers different subjects than the fall edition!

The fees are $89pp. or $150 per couple from one farm. (Price includes a full lunch menu and a set of biodynamic compost and field spray preparations).

For registration please contact feedback@bearriverfarms.ca or visit www.bearriverfarms.ca.

Meet “Slow Meat” in Nova Scotia

  • October 1, 2017
  • Seffernsville and New Ross, Lunenburg County

Learn about the joys and challenges for a small-scale meat producer and processor within our current food system. This event is part of Slow Food Nova Scotia's ‘Slow Meat’ campaign to raise awareness among us eater/ co-producers about better, cleaner, and fairer consumption habits, and to value and promote small- and medium- scale producers who work with respect for their animals’ welfare and the environment. Learn more about the event.