Sponsorship Opportunities


What is an ACORN sponsorship package?

Pre-designed sponsorship packages no longer exist at ACORN. Why?...

ACORN acknowledges your commitment, time and budget. We believe that sponsorship is based on a flexible need to serve a mutual audience. Beginning in August 2018, sponsorship packages are 100% customizable and are intended to help our sponsors, members and our organization meet respective goals.

Becoming a Sponsor

ACORN offers a series of events, speakers, campaigns, activations and advertising opportunities that may offer one time benefits and/or year-round benefits.

You may consider becoming:

  • A Major Conference Sponsor... for our Banquet, Raffle, supporting a Keynote Speaker, hosting our Kick-off Event, marketing with our Photo-booth Event, interacting with our Print-Screening Event, and more.
  • A Core Conference Sponsor... for workshops, rooms and workshop spaces, Conference signage and advertisement, pre/post-conference mail-outs, clothing and swag, etc.
  • An Aligned Sponsor for year-round event sponsorship, Webinar Series hosting, Field Tours, campaign hosting, advertising, supporting ACORN’s core costs and more
  • A combination of sponsorship opportunities!

What can sponsors expect from ACORN?

Sponsors receive:

  • Exclusive access to ACORN’s niche organic-supporting audience. Major Sponsors can expect assistance from ACORN staff with audience activation and engagement.
  • Fulfillment report(s) demonstrating how we fulfilled your requests and our commitments with a break down of your return-on-investment. Year-long engagers receive both an interim and final report. Single event sponsors receive a final report only.
  • Unbeatable marketing and advertising prices
  • Association with the leading voice of organics in Atlantic Canada.
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